Haymarket Historic District

The Arcus Depot Source: Photo by Patrick Jouppi, July 2010


The Haymarket Historic District was added to the National Register of Historic Places on May 27th, 1983. The district is located on Michigan Ave. between Portage St. and the Grand Rapids & Indiana Railroad. Originally covering 55 acres, the district contained 22 buildings.

In 1990, the Haymarket District underwent a boundary increase of less than an acre, adding four buildings to the district.

In addition to being listed as a national historic district, the Haymarket District also enjoys local historic district status. The boundaries of the local district are slightly larger than those of the national district, encompassing two additional buildings on the southeast corner of Water and Edwards Streets.

National Register Information

The following information reflects the manner in which Haymarket Historic District is categorized by the National Register of Historic Places and the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office.


  • Event
  • Architecture/Engineering
  • Architecture
  • Commerce, Industy

Historic Use:

  • Commerce and Trade

Current Use:

  • Commerce and Trade


  • Adler & Sullivan


  • Private

Architectural Style:

  • Chicago
  • Classical Revival
  • Colonial Revival
  • Italianate
  • Late Victorian
  • Romanesque

Period of Significance:

  • 1870-1929

National Register Information System Item Number:

  • 83000860 and 89002308 (Boundary Increase)

Prominent Buildings and Structures

Compiled by Patrick Jouppi, Kalamazoo Public Library Staff, July 2010



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National Register of Historic Places

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