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45th Annual Mary Calletto Rife Youth Literature Seminar

Activism, Advocacy and History in Youth Literature

Background of 3 lines each a different shade of blue with text that reads 2022 Youth Literature Seminar. Photos of authors to the left from top to bottom as follows: Kyle Lukoff, Ruth Forman, and Ruta Sepetys

Friday, November 4, 2022

Online Event! 9:00 am-3:00 pm/Zoom/Free

Featuring award-winning authors Ruta Sepetys, Kyle Lukoff, and Ruth Forman.

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Join us for our 45th Annual Youth Literature Seminar where we celebrate activism and taking a stand through children’s literature.

We are so excited to hear from Kyle Lukoff, Ruth Forman, and Ruta Sepetys this year! The day will include author keynotes and multiple breakout sessions. Celebrate activism, advocacy, and history through youth literature together in this day-long seminar geared towards educators, students, and anyone with an interest in youth literature. The Youth Literature Seminar is a long-standing tradition at Kalamazoo Public Library. The seminar is named after Kalamazoo Children’s Librarian, Mary Calletto Rife. Mary created a legacy of sharing books with children and we are honored to celebrate her work every November by bringing award-winning authors to Kalamazoo.

Seminar Schedule

Schedule of Events PDF

8:30–10 am: Opening Keynote with Ruta Sepetys


10:15–11 am: Choose your breakout session

11:15 am–12:15 pm: Midday Keynote with Kyle Lukoff


12:45–1:30 pm: Choose your breakout session

1:45–3:00 pm: Closing Keynote with Ruth Forman


Bonus Session: Supporting Expression from the Frontline – Clare Membiela, Library of Michigan.
Recording (passcode: [email protected])


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