Summer Reading Challenge 2023

All Together Now – Begins June 1!

2023 Summer Reading Challenge All Together Now

June 1–September 2, 2023

7,582 books

Did you know that reading for just 20 minutes a day can open up a world of adventure and earn you fabulous prizes? We invite youth from birth up to 12th grade, to record reading progress on the summer reading game board available on June 1st in the summer issue of PRISM located at all KPL locations.

Download the game board (PDF)

For every 20 days of reading, participants can stop by the library to claim a free prize book. After 40 days, you can get another prize book. Keep reading for 60 days, and you will win the final grand prize!  

As a special bonus, this year you can get your first free book just for signing up, so what are you waiting for?  

Step Up

Want to take your summer reading challenge to the next level? Earn special limitededition pins by completing the bonus challenges:

2023 Summer Reading Challenge Pins, axolotyl, spider and bees

  • Discover: What did you discover this summer?
  • Create: What did you create this summer?
  • Teamwork: What is an example of teamwork this summer?

Write your responses on your gameboard and show it to staff at any KPL location to claim your pins!

If you read for all 60 days, you will win the grand prize, a backpack for children, or a sling bag for teens!

2023 SRC Prizes backpack for children, slingbag for teens


Please report your progress to a KPL staff person at least 15 minutes before the library closes to claim your prize. Please make sure to claim your prizes by Saturday, September 2nd. 

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