Raymond W. Fox Law Library

Current and Comprehensive Legal Materials

The Law Library provides current and comprehensive legal materials that meet the legal research and information needs of library users.

Kalamazoo’s Raymond W. Fox Law Library models intergovernmental cooperation. Kalamazoo County funded the renovation of former storage

space to house the law library at the Kalamazoo Public Library and continues to assist with materials costs. KPL contributes library staff, technological

expertise, and a state-of-the-art facility. The County Bar Association collaborates with KPL on programming.

The Print Collection

  • Professional legal collection, including state and federal primary and secondary law
  • Kalamazoo county, city, village, and township laws
  • Extensive self-help books on civil, criminal, and family law issues

Law Library Staff

Our knowledgeable staff can help you:

  • Find material on specific issues
  • Use the professional legal collection, including the WestlawNext database
  • Direct you to community resources to help you resolve your issue

Please Note: By law, the staff cannot interpret legal material, give legal advice, select forms or recommend language for use on legal documents.

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