NOTICE: The Eastwood Branch will be closed on April 29th & 30th for maintenance needs. 

Notice of Public Meeting: Kalamazoo Public Library Board of Trustees | April 22nd| 5 pm | Central Library/Van Deusen Room. The packet of information for the meeting can be found on the library’s website

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Raymond W. Fox Law Library

Current and Comprehensive Legal Materials

The Raymond W. Fox Law Library provides current and comprehensive materials to meet the legal research and informational needs of library users. It is the only law library in the state of Michigan that is part of a public library system. The Law Library adheres to the belief that the law should be accessible to all people, as well as providing the ability to obtain just resolutions to legal concerns.  

The Law Library provides extensive legal resources in Michigan and Federal laws, secondary sources, and court forms. In addition, the Law Library has a substantial collection of topical self-help books relating to civil, criminal, and family law matters. Check out our Law Library Collection page!  

By law, staff cannot interpret legal material, give legal advice, select forms or recommend language for use on legal documents. However, knowledgeable staff are trained and able to assist in: 

    • Finding material on specific matters
    • Using professional legal collections, including the Westlaw Edge database 
    • Directing you to community resources better able to assist in resolving legal matters


The Law Library is made possible in part by support from Kalamazoo County. 

Printing Policy:

The Law Library strives to make legal resources available and accessible to the community at large. We understand that many cases and circumstances require multiple copies of paperwork. To minimize barriers, the Law Library provides up to 100 pages of *free printing per day for guests.


*Limited to legal documents (research, court cases, forms, and supplemental materials such as evidence) only.


    • The Law Library is located on the second floor of the Kalamazoo Public Library’s Central Branch (please see our open hours). 
    • The Law Library has a pop-up location within the Kalamazoo Defenders office on 151 S Rose St #300 with limited hours on Mondays. 


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