Reading Together 2020

Featuring Author Jonathan Safran Foer

About We Are the Weather:
Saving the Planet Begins at Breakfast

Some people reject the fact, overwhelmingly supported by scientists, that our planet is warming because of human activity. But do those of us who accept the reality of human-caused climate change truly believe it? If we did, surely we would be roused to act on what we know. Will future generations distinguish between those who didn’t believe in the science of global warming and those who said they accepted the science but failed to change their lives in response?

In We Are the Weather, Jonathan Safran Foer explores the central global dilemma of our time in a surprising, deeply personal, and urgent new way. The task of saving the planet will involve a great reckoning with ourselves—with our all-too-human reluctance to sacrifice immediate comfort for the sake of the future. We have, he reveals, turned our planet into a farm for growing animal products, and the consequences are catastrophic. Only collective action will save our home and way of life. And it all starts with what we eat—and don’t eat—for breakfast.

“Eye-opening . . . In this follow-up to his influential Eating Animals, [Foer] brings both personality and passion to an issue that no one has figured out how to address in a way that inspires an adequate response.” — Mark Bittman, The New York Times Book Review

We Are the Weather is an earnest call to action in the face of climate change, but it’s not a polemic. Instead, it’s a personal exploration.” — Ross Scarano, The Wall Street Journal

Copies of We Are the Weather will soon be available for check out at every Kalamazoo Public Library location.

KPL will develop a series of events throughout March that will focus on a variety of climate change topics. Information about these events will be posted here as the details are finalized.

About Reading Together

The purpose of Reading Together is to build a stronger community with deeper connections through the common experience of reading the same book and exploring its themes together. When we do that, we engage and learn, not only about ourselves, but more importantly about each other and the world around us.

By experiencing the same book, hearing the author of that work speak right here in Kalamazoo, and examining the book’s themes through a local lens, we are able to embrace our similarities and differences from a common point of reference.

Very simply, when we read together, we grow together.

How to participate

  1. Read the book. Copies available at all KPL locations, as well as neighboring libraries and booksellers
  2. Attend a book discussion hosted by Reading Together partners throughout the community.
  3. See Additional Resources to enhance your understanding of the themes.
  4. Attend Jonathan Safran Foer’s presentation at Chenery Auditorium at 7pm on Tuesday, March 10, 2020.
  5. Attend KPL-sponsored events exploring the themes of the book. A print brochure will be available at all library locations in early 2020. A full listing of events will also appear at this site.
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