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About Reading Together

The purpose of Reading Together is to build a stronger community with deeper connections through the common experience of reading the same book and exploring its themes together. When we do that, we engage and learn, not only about ourselves, but more importantly about each other and the world around us.

By selecting a title for the entire community to read, examining the book’s themes through a local lens, and hearing the author speak right here in Kalamazoo, we are able to embrace our similarities and differences from a common point of reference. As a result, when we read together, we grow together.

To suggest a title for Reading Together, please email [email protected] or submit this form.

Reading Together is sponsored by Friends of Kalamazoo Public Library.

Celebrating 20 Years – The Origins of KPL’s Reading Together Program

As part of our 20th-anniversary celebration, we have gone back and revisited the beginning of the Reading Together program. Enjoy this little trip down memory lane with two of its originators.

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History of Reading Together Titles

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