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Baldwin, Schuyler C.

The photographic images captured by Schuyler C. Baldwin between 1851 and 1900 survive to this day as important artifacts, indeed some of our finest examples of how life looked in nineteenth century Kalamazoo.

Ferraro Studio

Lance Ferraro, c.1960 Lancellotto A. Ferraro (Lance) and his Ferraro Studio was one of Kalamazoo’s most active post-war photographers, visually capturing a variety of social and commercial facets of Kalamazoo,…

In-Depth Kalamazoo: Our City

A collaboration between artist Colleen Woolpert and long-deceased photographer Wallace White. Immerse yourself in downtown Kalamazoo between the 1870s–1890s. Ten contemporary stereographs (3D photos) by Colleen Woolpert created from original…

Robinson Photography Studio

Interior of L.C. Robinson Photography Studio, c.1939, P-1175 Leo Carey Robinson and his family arrived in Kalamazoo in 1923, having left Madison, Wisconsin, where for the previous two years he…

White, Wallace S.

Much of what is known about Kalamazoo’s outward appearance during the mid to late nineteenth century—its buildings, its citizens, and its events—can be attributed to the...

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