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Civil War

Focus: Finding Civil War Information

The American Civil War had a more profound social, political and economic impact than almost any other event in American history. Among the thousands of books, articles and websites written about it, where does one start to look for useful...

James I. Follett

Military service became something of a tradition in James Follett’s family. His paternal grandfather served in the Revolutionary War. James Ivan Follett enlisted in Company F, 12th Michigan Infantry as a Corporal on 4 December 1861 at Kalamazoo...

Orcutt, Benjamin F.

Benjamin F. Orcutt, a native of Roxbury, Vermont who arrived in Kalamazoo County around 1835, fought in and survived both the Mexican War and the American Civil War, yet it…

Underground Railroad

More than three million African-Americans lived as slaves in the Southern United States in the mid-1800s. They had few human rights and were regularly bought and sold at auction. Whole families were torn apart, never to be reunited.

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