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U.S. Congressmen

The 3rd Congressional District

In 2023, the 4th U.S. district congressmen represents Kalamazoo County, but in the past, the district began as the 3rd, and then changed to the 6th in 1993. The following were previous congressmen and their party affiliation who represented the Kalamazoo community, and who are now deceased.

James B. Hunt (Democratic), 1843-1847

Kinsley S. Bingham (Democratic), 1847-1851

James L. Conger (Whig), 1851-1853

Samuel Clark (Democratic), 1853-1855

David S. Walbridge (Republican), 1855-1859

Francis William Kellogg (Republican), 1859-1863

John W. Longyear (Republican), 1863-1867

Austin Blair (Republican), 1867-1873

George Willard (Republican), 1873-1877

Jonas H. McGowan (Republican), 1877-1881

Edward S. Lacey (Republican), 1881-1885

James O’Donnell (Republican), 1885-1893

Julius C. Burrows (Republican), 1893-1895

Alfred Milnes (Republican), 1895-1897

Albert M. Todd (Democratic), 1897-1899

Washington Gardner (Republican), 1899-1911

John M. C. Smith (Republican), 1911-1921

William H. Frankhauser (Republican), 1921

John M. C. Smith (Republican), 1921-1923

Arthur B. Williams (Republican), 1923-1925

Joseph L. Hooper (Republican), 1925-1934

Henry M. Kimball (Republican), 1935

Verner Main (Republican), 1935-1937

Paul W. Shafer (Republican), 1937-1954

August E. Johansen (Republican), 1955-1965

Paul H. Todd Jr. (Democratic), 1965-1967

Gary E. Brown (Republican), 1967-1979

Howard Wolpe (Democratic), 1979-1993

List compiled by Kalamazoo Public Library staff, May 2023

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