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Notice of Public Meeting: Kalamazoo Public Library Board of Trustees | April 15th| 5 pm | Central Library/Board Room. The packet of information for the meeting can be found on the library’s website

How FDR Segregated Kalamazoo

Redlining, Racially Restrictive Covenants, and Segregation in Kalamazoo

A presentation and discussion about the history of redlining, racially restrictive covenants, and segregation in Kalamazoo. Learn how the federal government and the city of Kalamazoo successfully financed white homeownership while instituting black segregation, how this specifically showed up and changed Kalamazoo, and how this history lives on today in Kalamazoo housing policies. Drawing on local history research, KPL librarian Matt Smith gives a presentation, followed by a panel discussion with local housing experts and Northside residents.

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“Dutch picnic expected to draw 12,000”

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“Loans now available”

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“Kalamazoo’s single mortgage clinic to open Thursday in city hall”

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“Negro housing locally below U.S. average”

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“Lawyer, builder, research group tell the effects of poor housing and how to approach solution”

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“Kalamazoo begins a crusade against sub-standard housing”

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“Neighborhood meetings to study housing problems”

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“City crusade seeks to improve housing”

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“Council seeks end to racial segregation”

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“No adverse effect seen in housing integration”

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“Housing Authority plan under study”

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“Com. Washington speaks out: says Negroes ‘intimidated’ on housing”

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“Home sale sets off race debate before commission”

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“Realtors hear report on minority housing”

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“End housing bias, group here told”

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“Rebuild northside to encourage whites to return”

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“Northside group raps inspectors”

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“Recommendations made by Negroes”

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“…They don’t rent to [N-word]”

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“Reporters tell how they feel about tests”

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Local History Room Files

Subject File: Blacks

Subject File: Desegregation

Subject File: Northside Neighborhood

Other Sources

Home Owners Loan Corporation security map of Kalamazoo (online)

Kalamazoo County atlas, 1873

Zoning map of Kalamazoo, 1924

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Interview with Gwendolyn Tulk, 2018

Community health needs assessment Kalamazoo County, 2016 (online)

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