Meeting Rooms Policy

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Mission Statement

Kalamazoo Public Library champions reading, ignites imagination and ensures access to information and ideas.

Vision Statement

Kalamazoo Public Library helps create a community where people aspire to learn, engage and thrive.

The Kalamazoo Public Library welcomes the use of its meeting rooms for activities which reflect the library’s mission. Permission to use the meeting rooms in no way implies library endorsement of goals or activities of any organization using the rooms.


The library and the Friends of Kalamazoo Public Library have first priority on the rooms. Other meetings will be scheduled on a first come first served basis.


Meeting rooms are available to commercial and non-commercial organizations for meetings and programs. They are not available for social events such as showers, birthday parties, weddings, or receptions. The individual reserving a meeting room on behalf of an organization must be a resident of the Kalamazoo Public Library District.

Adopted: August 26, 1996.
Effective: August 26, 1996.
Revised: April 27, 1998.
Revised: May 24, 1999.

*It is not the purpose or intention of the library to serve as a forum for all categories of public activity nor as a facility for the provision of social services.

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