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Introducing The KPL Plan — Our 2019–2022 Strategic Plan

Regularly-timed strategic planning is a process needed to set direction and clarity for Kalamazoo Public Library, and to align the library’s resources in order to maximize impact for the community. In 2019, KPL staff and board focused their planning, spending, and attention to community needs and impacts based on a common vision, allowing for stronger cohesion and a clearer road for the future. To be good stewards, it is the library’s responsibility to continually reflect on itself and its community to ensure that our future vision remains relevant and accountable. A new process, a new look, a new assessment was needed at this time to ensure that our upcoming alignment of resources matches our vision, core values, and new priorities gleaned from a process that not only listened to our close constituents but also to our entire community.

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Leading a stronger community through literacy, learning, and innovation

Community Aspirations

Equitable and Inclusive, Literate and Educated, Informed, Creative

Core Values

At the Kalamazoo Public Library:

  • We are committed to excellence in programs, services and collections.
  • We are community-focused.
  • We are committed to and intentional about equity and anti-racism.
  • We have safe, beautiful, and comfortable spaces.
  • We are committed to continuous improvement and innovation.
  • We have a passionate, engaged, knowledgeable, and creative staff.

Key Priorities


Priority 1: Engaging the Community

Community members told us that an engaged citizenry is important for collaborative solutions and informed residents. The library wants to play a central role in strengthening the human capital of Kalamazoo by facilitating community dialogues, developing spaces for groups to meet, providing forums on issues that are important to the community, and providing collections that support learning about issues of public concern.

Priority 2: Pursuing Equity and Inclusion: Library Services for All in our Diverse Community

Removing barriers for community members to access the library’s services, collections, and programs is essential to providing equal access to all. The library wants to establish a public presence in areas throughout the community where it may be more difficult to come to the library by utilizing technology, mobile services, pop-up programs, delivery, or other tools. The library wants to ensure that the physical library locations are inclusive and accessible for all by reviewing signage and digital wayfinding, by conducting a disability audit, and viewing the layout of service desks through an inclusive lens. The library wants to review other potential barriers to use, such as fines, and use data-driven decisions that lead to the best use of resources and maximize the impact on our community.

Priority 3: Inspiring Literacy, Learning, and Experiences

Public libraries provide a lifetime of learning opportunities, offering diverse experiences and filling gaps in other educational programs found in the community. The library wants to offer new opportunities around multiple literacies, including reading, digital literacy, life skills, financial literacy, and cultural programming. New opportunities might include creating curricula and serialized learning through ongoing classes around particular subjects or offering drop-in training in practical skills utilizing on-site experts.

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