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photo of books on stacks as in a library with the stamp Banned across the front of the image in red

It is impossible to watch or read the news and not see stories about efforts to ban books at both school libraries and public libraries across the nation. The American Library Association reported more than 729 attempted bans of 1,597 individual books in 2021 alone. Needless to say, the efforts to restrict public access to books are both alarming and disheartening, and library staff across the country are facing unprecedented challenges.

Right now, in Michigan, there are strong efforts to ban access to books in both public libraries and in schools. In response, a grassroots coalition of concerned Michigan residents organized by the Michigan Library Association called MI Right to Read has been actively opposing any attempt to ban books in Michigan libraries based on content subjectively deemed inappropriate. Its purpose is to educate the public and oppose any legislation that infringes upon First Amendment rights and intellectual freedom. You can join the coalition by visiting the MI Right to Read website. Recently, KPL Director Ryan Wieber shared his support of MI Right to Read.

Nationally, Unite Against Book Bans empowers readers everywhere to stand together in the fight against censorship. You can help join the fight.

If you believe…

  • Books are tools for understanding complex issues.
  • Young people deserve to see themselves reflected in a library’s books.
  • Parents should not be making decisions for other parents’ children.
  • Individuals should be trusted to make their own decisions about what to read.
  • Limiting young people’s access to books does not protect them from life’s complex and challenging issues.

…then join the fightagainst book bans today!

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