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Important Update to Texas Township Service

Agreement is active October 1–June 30, 2025

In January 2020, Kalamazoo Public Library and Texas Township agreed to a 2-year service contract (July 1, 2020–June 30, 2022) to provide full library services to Texas Township residents who live in the Mattawan and Schoolcraft school districts. Due to the pandemic, that service was again extended until September 30, 2023.

Texas Township Extended Service Agreement

Who qualifies?
People living in the portion of Texas Township who do not receive library services from any other area library. If you aren’t sure if you qualify, speak to KPL staff at any circulation desk and they can check.

When is this active?
The agreement is active from October 1st through June 30th, 2025.

What’s changing?
The existing service agreement with this area is for a full-service KPL Card. This new agreement will provide basic services (check out of physical items, access to computers, access to programming), MelCat service (interlibrary loan), and the option to purchase access to our digital collections. See below for details.

I qualify. Now what?

  • If you already have a KPL Card and wish to continue with Basic Service, no action is needed. Cards will automatically be extended.
  • If you qualify but don’t have a KPL Card, sign up at any circulation desk. You will need a photo ID and something with your current address. If your ID has your address, that’s all you will need.
  • If you have a KPL Card and wish to add digital services, speak to KPL staff at any circulation desk. The cost will be $115 and will last a year, starting from the date of purchase. This upgrade will provide digital access to one household.

I really want a full KPL Card.
If you would like to have full-privileged access to KPL collections and services, you can purchase an annual Non-Resident card for $230. This card can be used by all the members of a household for one year. Please visit any KPL location for assistance.

Questions regarding this agreement can be directed to [email protected].

Here is a comparison chart of what services each level of KPL Card provides.

Extended Service Agreement Texas Township

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