Central Library has free rapid COVID-19 test kits available on the first floor.
1 box (each box has two rapid tests) per individual or 5 per household. First come first served — no reserving or picking up for others.

False "Active Shooter" Alarm at Central Library

At approximately 3:53 pm on Wednesday, July 27, an “active shooter” warning was announced over Central Library’s public announcement system. This was a result of a misprogrammed handset that was being utilized at the Oshtemo Branch Library, where KPL staff were undergoing an active shooter simulation exercise. Within minutes, once Central security and staff concluded the alarm was false, an “all clear” announcement was made.

KPL staff sincerely apologizes to any patrons who were affected by this false alarm. We are taking immediate steps to ensure this does not occur again. KPL Administration recognizes and thanks security and staff who responded quickly to ensure the safety of patrons and staff.

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