OHOW: What Style Is It? (Gothic Revival)

Sat, February 13 @ 6:00 pm–7:00 pm

OHOW: What Style Is It? (Gothic Revival)S

OHOW (Old House Owners Workshop) is a program of the City of Kalamazoo’s Historic Preservation Commission. OHOW seeks to create educational programs that help old house owners understand their buildings—how and when they were built, and how to keep them in good repair. Whether owners plan to do work themselves or be educated in talking with craftspeople and contractors about needed repairs, OHOW can help!

What Style is It? Gothic Revival: Historian Lynn Houghton joins us again for this tour around one of Kalamazoo’s favorite Gothic Revivals, with its vergeboard, finials, arches and more — this house was named “Arcadia.”

This program is made possible in part by and produced by Public Media Network.

Recorded 02/11/2021

Categories: Entertainment; Family; Information; Instructional; Kalamazoo History

Tags: architecture; history; kalamazoo; Preservation

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