OHOW Video Series: How to Unstick a Painted Window

OHOW Video Series: How to Unstick a Painted Window

Has anyone with an old house NOT run into this? Learn how to free your sash for optimum window performance.

OHOW (Old House Owners Workshop) is a program of the City of Kalamazoo’s Historic Preservation Commission. OHOW seeks to create educational programs that help old house owners understand their buildings—how and when they were built, and how to keep them in good repair. Whether owners plan to do work themselves or be educated in talking with craftspeople and contractors about needed repairs, OHOW can help!

Most houses constructed before 1950 were built with “double-hung” wood windows, which are not only beautiful, functional and “Green” but also pretty simple to understand and maintain.  In these three short sessions, North Coast Window Works owner Peter Carroll joins Kalamazoo’s Historic Preservation Coordinator Sharon Ferraro and OHOW planning committee member Lenee Powell-Wilson to answer common window questions.

Recorded 11/12/2020

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