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Elissa Kerr – Honey Harvest 

Writers' Block: Elissa Kerr

Kalamazoo Public Library presents Writers’ Block, a forum where independently published local writers can tell the world about their work. This episode features author Elissa Kerr discussing her book Honey Harvest.

About the Book
It’s late summertime in the meadow. Flowers are in full bloom and honeybees float on the warm breeze. It’s now time to harvest honey from the hive. This children’s picture book follows a father and daughter learn, grow, and celebrate their family’s beekeeping tradition.

About the Author
Elissa Kerr has written three children’s picture books. They include The Sweetest Season, Sunkissed, and Honey Harvest. Kerr has lived in Kalamazoo for over ten years and draws her inspiration from agricultural traditions and hobbies in our area. Visits to the Kalamazoo Nature Center’s maple syrup festival or Gull Meadows sunflower days can inspire new ideas and provide families with new opportunities to learn, grow, and celebrate the nature that surrounds us. From seed to sunflower or hive to honey, each story explains different agricultural pastimes.

Recorded 06/21/2022

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