Clippings & Miscellaneous

There are three main sections to the vertical file in the Local History Room: the Subject File, the Name File, and the Michigan File. Please feel free to ask the staff to help you retrieve any of these materials.

Subject File

The Subject File emphasizes Kalamazoo County and contains clippings, scrapbooks, annual reports, newsletters, pamphlets, programs and other miscellaneous items. It is indexed in the Local Information Database and in a card file located in the Local History Room.

Name File

The Name File contains mainly clippings about Kalamazoo County residents. It is completely indexed in the Local Information Database. Information about a few figures of statewide importance, such as Michigan governors, are also included.

Michigan File

The Michigan File contains items similar to those in the Subject File, but deals with subjects of statewide rather than local interest. It is completely indexed in the Local  Information Database.

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