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About ONEplace

Opportunities for Nonprofit Excellence Since 2009

At ONEplace, we believe that a strong nonprofit sector is critical to the success of any community.

[email protected] opened in March 2009 providing opportunities for nonprofit leadership to improve performance and achieve excellence throughout their organizations. Today, in partnership with the several area foundations, [email protected] serves as the education arm of the funding community.

By addressing the professional development needs of existing nonprofit organizations and encouraging the creation of sustainable new nonprofits, [email protected] encourages the wise, effective use of charitable dollars.

All [email protected] services, programs and resources are provided free of charge.

ONEplace Staff


Posed photo of Matthew Lechel, Oneplace@KPL DirectorMatthew Lechel, Director, [email protected]
(269) 553-7847 | Email

Matthew Lechel has over fifteen years of nonprofit experience. He received his Masters in Public Administration from Western Michigan University. Prior to joining ONEplace in 2016, Lechel served as the Executive Director of Kalamazoo Collective Housing.  


Posed photo of Stacy Jackson, Oneplace@KPL AssociateStacy Jackson, Associate, [email protected]
(269) 553-7848 | Email

Stacy joined ONEplace as an Associate in April of 2021. Before joining ONEplace, she worked for Kalamazoo Youth Development Network, Communities In Schools of Kalamazoo and the County of Kalamazoo and has 20+ years of experience with nonprofits and boards.


Posed photo of Ragan Savara, Oneplace@KPL AssociateRagan Savara, Associate, [email protected]
(269) 553-7899 | Email

Ragan joined ONEplace as an associate in March of 2018. Before joining ONEplace, she worked for Legal Aid of Western Michigan as a Staff Attorney.


ONEplace is a Catalyst of Community Success

Our Cause

A strong nonprofit sector is critical to the success of any community Nonprofit leaders interface with residents from all socio-economic strata as well as the business, faith and government communities. They also provide the human infrastructure required for thriving communities.

Our Purpose

To encourage and equip Resolute-Humble leaders. Resolute-Humble leaders take full responsibility and ownership of their role(s), seeking required resources and developing needed relationships. They listen and learn from others, and teach and share with others.

Our Strategies

Address the whole person.
We bring all of who we are to every situation.

Encourage personal integrity.
Aligning values and actions energizes one’s voice and agency.

Facilitate strong, collaborative connections.
Only together do we bring sufficient capacity to move the needle.

Major support provided by:

Irving S Gilmore Foundation
Kalamazoo Community Foundation
Kalamazoo Public Library
Stryker Johnston Foundation

With additional support from:

Dorothy U. Dalton Foundation 
Harold & Grace Upjohn Foundation
Marvin and Rosalie Okun Foundation

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