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Wheaton Burial Ground (Flanders Farm)

Comstock Township

Location: Section 34 NW 1/4, Comstock Township.

Status: Inactive, private property
Photo: Bonnie Gazdag, 2016



Cemetery records of Kalamazoo County, Michigan

  • Monteith, Ruth Robbins
  • Genealogical Association of Southwestern Michigan
  • 1959
  • H 977.417 M77

Tombstone Inscriptions in Kalamazoo County, Michigan: A Bicentennial Project

  • Kalamazoo Valley Genealogical Society
  • 1980
  • H 977.417 K145


Kalamazoo County, Michigan Cemeteries on the Web

  • Transcription and photos, 2007

Find A Grave

  • Two records

Last updated 18 July 2012.

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