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Shepherd in a sheepskin vest

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Bill Callahan, vocals, guitar, Moog, percussion, bowed psaltery, bowed banjo, harmonica, Wurlitzer, SK-1, drum machine, Mellotron, piano, kalimba, organ, bells ; Brian Beattie, bass, percussion, piano, pump organ, Hammond, Moog, Mellotron, celeste, marimbola, bells ; Matt Kinsey, guitar, percussion ; Adam Jones, drumkit ; Dony Wynn, drumkit (747, Son of the sea) ; Gary Newcombe, lap steel ; Hanly Banks Callahan, backing vocals (Lonesome valley) ; Tori Olds, backing vocals (Lonesome valley, Morning is my godmother).

Publication Information

Chicago, IL : Drag City, [2019]


Title from disc label.

Lyrics on container insert.


  • Shepherd's welcome
  • Black dog on the beach
  • Angela
  • The ballad of the hulk
  • Writing
  • Morning is my godmother
  • 747
  • Watch me get married
  • Young Icarus
  • Released
  • What comes after certainty
  • Confederate Jasmine
  • Call me anything
  • Son of the sea
  • Camels
  • Circles
  • When we let go
  • Lonesome valley
  • Tugboats and tumbleweeds
  • The beast.

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