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  • EASTWOOD: Teen Collection
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We are not yet equal : understanding our racial divide

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  • 305.8 A5457.1 TEEN (EAS, OSH)

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Publication Information

New York : Bloomsbury, 2018.

Physical Description

270 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm


Ages 12-18.


When America makes progress toward racial equality, the systemic response is a backlash that rolls back those wins. This edition adapted from the author's White Rage especially for teens illuminates these dark moments of history.

"This ... young adult adaptation brings her ideas to a new audience. When America achieves milestones of progress toward full and equal black participation in democracy, the systemic response is a consistent racist backlash that rolls back those wins. We Are Not Yet Equal examines five of these moments: The end of the Civil War and Reconstruction was greeted with Jim Crow laws; the promise of new opportunities in the North during the Great Migration was limited when blacks were physically blocked from moving away from the South; the Supreme Court's landmark 1954 Brown v. Board of Education decision was met with the shutting down of public schools throughout the South; the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965 led to laws that disenfranchised millions of African American voters and a War on Drugs that disproportionally targeted blacks; and the election of President Obama led to an outburst of violence including the death of black teen Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri as well as the election of Donald Trump. This YA adaptation will be written in an approachable narrative style that provides teen readers with additional context to these historic moments, photographs and archival images, and additional backmatter and resources for teens."--Provided by publisher.


  • Foreword / by Nic Stone
  • Prologue
  • "Original sin"
  • "But for your race"
  • Forty acres and a mule
  • Black codes
  • "We showed our hand too soon"
  • "Johnson is with us!"
  • Courting justice
  • Derailing the great migration
  • The sweet ordeal
  • Building toward Brown
  • Beating down Brown
  • The NAACP and Sputnik
  • Rolling back civil rights
  • "Like your whole world depended on it"
  • In the crosshairs: the VRA
  • Beating down Brown (again!)
  • The Reagan revolution
  • Crack
  • "Streets cleared of garbage"
  • Obama
  • Shelby County vs. Holder: gutting the VRA
  • "Why would they try to make people hate us?"
  • Epilogue
  • Discussion guide.

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