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Downsizing the family home : what to save, what to let go

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New York : Sterling, [2015]

Physical Description

xviii, 237 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm


"It's a rite of passage almost no one will escape: the difficult, emotional journey of downsizing your or your aging parents' home. Here, nationally syndicated home columnist Marni Jameson sensitively guides readers through the process, from opening that first closet, to sorting through a lifetime's worth of possessions, to selling the homestead itself. Using her own personal journey as a basis, she helps you figure out a strategy and create a mindset to accomplish the task quickly, respectfully, rewardingly--and, in the best of situations, even memorably. Throughout, she combines her been-there experience with insights from national experts--antiques appraisers, garage-sale gurus, professional organizers, and psychologists--to offer practical wisdom and heartwarming advice so you know with certainty what to keep, toss or sell."


  • Introduction: but it was Mom's!
  • The Home Front. A tough call: how to know when an aging parent needs a new home ; Get the right mind-set: facing the fully loaded house ; Endowment: why we get so attached to things ; The first cut: going through it together ; Welcome to the home front: a blast from the past ; Plan E for estate sale: for sale: fifty years of treasures! ; How much is it worth?: the meaning of value and the fine art of appraising antiques ; For art's sake: art, for what it's worth ; Beyond the estate sale: what to sell where ; The treasure hunt: tackling the pile of postponement ; The really tough stuff: what to do with photos, wedding dresses, military medals, and more
  • You Don't Have to Do This Alone. What the pros know: behind the scenes at an estate sale ; The siblings: the year of the house ; What's a household worth?: putting a price on the priceless
  • Downsizing Up. Moving on: how to know when it's time ; Breaking up with stuff is hard to do: help! I know better ; The Browns and the Switzes: two couples leading by example
  • For Keeps. Archival storage: how to keep stuff for almost ever ; Handle with care: shipping the heirloom china and other breakables
  • The Biggest Sale of All. Selling the homestead: not suffering fools kindly ; Going, going, gone: five offers, two letters, one house
  • The last word: some housekeeping.

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