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Get a life : the complete series

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Un-special non-anniversary ed.




Chis Elliott, Bob Elliott, Robin Riker, Elinor Donahue, Sam Robards, Brian Doyle-Murray.

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Los Angeles, Calif. : Shout! Factory, [2012]


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Originally broadcast as individual episodes on Fox from 1990-1992.

Contains all 35 episodes from the first and second seasons of the television program.

Bonus features: A conversation with executive producer/co-creator David Mirkin and writer/producers Steve Pepoon and Jace Richdale ; Get a life 2012 featurette with James L. Brooks, Judd Apatow and Peter Chernin ; special commentary with psychologist Dr. Wendy Walsh analyzing Chris Peterson's mental issues ; alternate audio version without laugh track on select episodes ; commentaries on every episode ; Paleyfest 2000! featuring David Mirkin, Elinor Donahue, Brian Doyle-Murray, Robin Riker, Charlie Kaufman, Bob Odenkirk, Steve Pepoon and Jace Richdale.

Here are the surreal, twisted, gratuitously violent, hilarious misadventures of Chris Peterson--a 30-year-old paperboy with an ever-decreasing grasp on reality.


  • Disc 1. Season One: Terrror on the Hell Loop 2000 ; The prettiest week of my life ; Dadicus ; A family affair ; Pile of death ; Paperboy 2000
  • Disc 2. Season One: Driver's license ; The sitting ; Bored straight ; Zoo animals on wheels ; Roots ; The counterfeit watch story ; Chris vs. Donald
  • Disc 3. Season One: Chris wins a celebrity ; Houseboy 2000 ; Married ; Camping 2000 ; The construction worker show ; The big city ; Neptune 2000
  • Disc 4. Seasons One & Two: The one where Chris and Larry switch lives ; Psychic 2000 ; Chris moves out ; Larry on the loose ; Meat Locker 2000 ; Health Inspector 2000 ; Chris gets his tonsils out
  • Disc 5. Season Two. Prisoner of love ; Chris becomes a male escort ; Girlfriend 2000 ; Chris' brain starts working ; Bad fish ; SPEWEY and me
  • Disc 6. Season Two: 1977-2000 ; Clip show.
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