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A Sheep's Tale





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Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.


A Sheep's Tale, book 3 of The Seventieth Week Chronicles, is a work of fiction that intersects with the paths of the protagonists, John and Techie, of the first two books: The Making of a Martyr and The Journey of a Martyr's Companion. It is a two-part tale of a young woman with a checkered past trying to turn her life around when she is caught up in a world gone insane. Fleeing a major metropolis, she finds her way into the rural Midwest where she attempts to live a quiet life. Renting a small bungalow, she befriends her new neighbors Techie and his new companion who work at newly constructed prison. She soon finds herself confronted with a decision whether to become involved or not in a clandestine operation. Her decision finds herself, along with some new friends, as fugitives of the state. Living off the grid, she and her friends are alive when the Lord returns in judgment. Part two of the book finds her standing on a sea of golden glass awaiting the judgment of the sheep versus the goats. Being found among the sheep, they are introduced to a new world created for them and the nation of Israel. What follows is the author's imagination based on multitudes of scriptures contained in an appendix named "A Sheep's Tale--Index of Scriptural References." Eternity with God is beyond our imagination, but the Word has plenty to say about a new world and the lives of those who will reside upon it for a thousand years.

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