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Rule of Wolves





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Skyhorse Publishing


From the #1 New York Times bestselling World Almanac™ comes an engaging, interactive book full of "true-or-false" facts about the animal world that will keep animal-loving readers guessing as they turn every page. TRUE OR FALSE? • Butterflies taste with their feet. • Dolphins have names for each other. • Cows have best friends and like to hang out together. Find out the answers to these true-or-false statements and more than 250 others with The World Almanac Amazing and Awesome True-or-False Facts for Really Smart Kids: Animals. Alone or together, kids can make their best guesses of whether each statement is true or false, and then turn the page to find the answer, and learn even more fun facts about each item! With a uniquely interactive format featuring a fun sound chip, this book has smart readers engaged and eager to find out more about animals, from aardvarks to zonkeys, at every step.

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