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Publishing 101





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MBA for Writers


Whether you've finished a manuscript or just have the seeds of an idea, learn how to smartly approach editors and agents with your work, while avoiding the pitfalls of first-time authorship. Experienced editor and publisher Jane Friedman offers insights from more than 15 years of working on both sides of the desk, and offers step-by-step advice on: • evaluating the commercial potential for your work • finding and approaching editors and agents professionally • preparing query letters and book proposal materials • marketing and promoting your work effectively • protecting your rights and avoid infringing on others' rights, and • understanding the self-publishing and eBook market-and if it's the right path for you. PUBLISHING 101 describes the dramatic changes underway in the publishing industry, as eBook sales increase and physical bookstores decrease in number. These changes affect how authors get book deals meaning you need to be prepared to adapt to a risk-averse industry during a time of uncertainty. Avoid frustration-don't embark on the submission process without being fully educated about how the industry works. You'll better focus your time and energy, increase your chances of success, and learn to decipher the language of industry professionals.

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