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Runaway for Christmas





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Christmas and children go hand in hand. As the holidays approach, Megan and her beagle, Barney are finding children in the oddest places. But these are children aren't from the families of Citrus Beach-they're from a gang of runaways. When one little girl falls, injuring herself, Megan jumps in to help. When Sammy's tells her story, Megan learns of exploitation, injury and even murder surrounding the children. Megan wants to help these children, and together she and FBI consultant Aiden investigate, discovering a diabolical scheme. This convinces the duo they must put an end to the children's plight. The best way to bring the runaways trouble to an end is to set a trap, and Megan is ready with one. While Megan and Aiden are busy with their plans, friends and family rally. They are determined to share the joy of Christmas with the children who need it most, proving Christmas is a time of love.

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