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Titan Comics


The 60s would be swinging were it not for the fact that the fascist Regime won the war and have enslaved the land of the free. Sanctuary is the last safe haven. A refuge for those that don't fit into The Regime's little boxes. Or at least it was until the fascists blew a hold right through the middle of it in search of oil. Though oil may not be all they're after…A mad, old woman appeared as if from nowhere and has led the Professor down a road from which she cannot come back. With the blood of Regime officers on her hands, The Professor has no choice but to follow Emilie down into the Earth as the old lady spins a dubious yarn of the dead fascist hunter – B.J. "Terror Billy" Blazcowicz. Meanwhile, in 1946, a young Emilie has infiltrated Hans Hartmann's New Castle Wolfenstein under the pretense of aiding him in his nefarious genetic experiments. But Terror Billy is coming for Hartmann, intent on wiping him, his castle and the entire Regime from the face of the Earth…

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