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Western Themes, Vol. 1






Luis Bacalov, Rocky Roberts

Publication Information

Bacci Bros. Records


1 Django (From "Django") 00:02:56
2 His Name Is King (From "His Name Was King") 00:02:45
3 The Grand Duel - Parte prima (From "The Grand Duel ll") 00:03:27
4 Can Be Done (From "It Can Be Done - Si può fare amigo") 00:02:48
5 The Man Called Noon (From "The Man Called Noon") 00:03:28
6 Western Ballad (From "His Name Was King") 00:02:50
7 Andantino burlesco (From "Sugar Colt") 00:02:32
8 The Grand Duel - Parte Decima (From "The Grand Duel") 00:03:27
9 Quién Sabe? (From "Quién Sabe? - A Bullet for The General") 00:03:25
10 Siesta (From "Gold of The Bravados") 00:03:14
11 Vamonos muchachos (From "Django") - Version 3 00:02:45
12 Fan (From "The Man Called Noon") 00:02:49
13 Blue Dark Waltz (From "Django Unchained") 00:01:06
14 Town of Silence - 2nd Version (From "Django Unchained") 00:01:21
15 Highlands (From "The Man Called Noon") 00:02:42
16 Sugar Colt (From "Sugar Colt") - Concerto Mix 1 00:02:19



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