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Track Idol - Classic Love Songs (10 Karaoke Classics)






Thematic Pianos, L'Orchestra Numerique, Orchestra Romantic, Thanksgivers, Nostromo Pilots, Valentines Day Players

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Brave New Worlds


1 Brown Eyed Girl (Originally By Van Morrison) [Karaoke Version] 00:02:16
2 Hallelujah (Originally By Jeff Buckley) [Karaoke Version] 00:02:29
3 L-O-V-E (Originally By Nat King Cole) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:02
4 Autumn Leaves (Originally By Andy Williams) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:50
5 Thank You (Originally By Dido) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:23
6 Your Song (Originally By Elon John) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:50
7 Someone Like You (Originally By Adele) [Karaoke Version] 00:04:44
8 I Will Wait (Originally By Mumford and Sons) [Karaoke Version] 00:04:35
9 Haven't Met You Yet (Originally By Michael Buble) [Karaoke Version] 00:02:50
10 Heartbeats (Originally By Jose Gonzalez) [Karaoke Version] 00:03:04



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