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Whispered Voices





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A flash of lightning is the warning of an approaching storm...But for Mackenzie Aldkin, the lightning can also signal something far more sinister. After being struck by lightning, Mac is lucky to survive. But she didn't come home from the hospital unscathed. A feathered scar now circles her ankle and she can hear voices in her head. Voices she doesn't recognize. As she tries to understand what is happening to her, Moira- nurse, healer and new friend- tells her old stories of fairies and their protection. Moira calls it a Fairy Kiss and she gives Mac a gift of a mystical kitten named Shaylee. Before Mac can come to grips with the changes in her life, a killer's voice intrudes into her thoughts. She can't stop the killer's actions, but when the police suspect her boyfriend, Peter, she is determined to prove his innocence. And stop an other murder. Working with Moira and Peter, Mac narrows down the suspects and sets a trap. But will she be the one caught in it?

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