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The Last Mirror on the Left

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Recorded Books, Inc.


Now that Logan County is safe from an eternal freeze, cousins Otto and Sheed Alston are back to their normal lives as the town's most celebrated detectives. Well ... almost normal. Otto still remembers what his future self said about Sheed getting sick. And Otto plans to stop that from happening ... even if it means keeping a suspicious Sheed in the dark. Enter the perfect distraction: Missus Nedraw of the Rorrim Mirror Emporium. Unlike the majority of the town's residents, she still remembers last summer's adventures—and how Otto and Sheed Alston took some of her mirrors without permission. Stealing is usually an unforgivable offense, punishable by a million-year sentence, but the warden has a problem of her own. One of her worst prisoners has escaped from their mirror prison, and only the Legendary Alston Boys of Logan County can help bring the fugitive to justice in the eagerly anticipated follow-up to The Last Last-Day-ofSummer.

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