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Movie Masters: Mulan, Take Two


Honor To Us All,
I'll Make A Man Out Of You,
A Girl Worth Fighting For,
True To Your Heart,
Suite From Mulan,
Attack The Wall (Score),
Mulan's Decision (Score),
Blossom's (Score),
The Huns Attack (Score),
The Burned Out Village (Score),
Reflections (Pop Version),
Setting Sun *


1 Honor To Us All 00:03:05
2 Reflection 00:02:24
3 I'll Make A Man Out Of You 00:03:22
4 A Girl Worth Fighting For 00:02:26
5 True To Your Heart 00:03:58
6 Suite From Mulan 00:05:48
7 Attack The Wall (Score) 00:04:25
8 Mulan's Decision (Score) 00:06:26
9 Blossom's (Score) 00:03:20
10 The Huns Attack (Score) 00:04:56
11 The Burned Out Village (Score) 00:07:04
12 Reflections (Pop Version) 00:03:32
13 Setting Sun * 00:03:32


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