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Lorenzo Cross: Life and Fall of Lorenzo Cross, Murder or Not Murder, You Make the Call


Kalamazoo Public Library presents Writers Block, a forum where independently published local writers can tell the world about their work. This edition features Lorenzo Cross, author of The Life and Fall of Lorenzo Cross, Murder or Not Murder, You Make the Call.

About the Book: The Life and Fall Of Lorenzo Cross. Murder Or Not Murder You Make The Call.
I welcome you to become a member of the jury, “I did the the time, but I didn’t do the crime.” I invite you to get to know me and understand my character, asses my morals, and examine what drives my existence, and ask yourself, “Where is the motive?” Additionally, the murder weapon was never found; the car used in the crime was not found: no eyewitness named; the alleged murderer who admitted to th e killing was never tried. Interestingly, Paul wanted to be tried. As you deliberate, in a criminal trial, to convict you must be convinced beyond a reasonable doubt of my guilt. This time, I am more confident of getting a fair and impartial decision, Guilty of Murder or not Guilty of Murder, you make the Call.

About the Author, Lorenzo Cross:
There is a place named Wolf Island, Missouri, and this is where I was born. At an early age, my parents and my six siblings travelled north to Southwestern Michigan in search of a better life. My childhood reminds me of the African proverb, “it takes a village to raise a child.” The influence and guidance from grandparents, parents, aunts, and uncles planted a seed of confidence, with a “can do” attitude based on faith and showing respect for one another. I am a high school graduate with a thirst for entrepreneurship. As an extrovert, I consider my ability to promote or sell a product/service as my most marketable skill. To that end, I have had several positions, marketing an assortment of products. In this book, my focus is my position as an insurance salesman. This company business model had me selling insurance policies and collecting the weekly premiums (very demanding) – I was outstanding, because I was approachable, with smile that flooded their senses with warmth – coupled with my other business interests I made a good income. However, my association with one bad apple led to my downfall, leading to me serving 25 plus years for a crime that I did not do, one that I consistently refused to take a plea deal. I gained my freedom in March 2007, and I married the new love of my life in December 2012.

Recorded 11/07/2023

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