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Kimberly Powers: A Mind Restored: Finding Freedom from the Shame & Stigma of Mental Illness

Kimberly Powers–A Mind Restored: Finding Freedom the Shame & Stigma of Mental Illness

Kalamazoo Public Library presents Writers Block, a forum where independently published local writers can tell the world about their work. This edition features Kimberly Powers, author of A Mind Restored: Finding Freedom the Shame & Stigma of Mental Illness.

About the Book
She was living her best life. When mental illness turns her world upside down, could this young woman heal and reclaim her faith? Kimberly Muka rarely knew trials or troubles. Coming from a caring middle-class Christian family, the well-liked sophomore thrived physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Until an ordinary day at school ended with a shocking manic episode and a trip to the psychiatric ward. Hospitalized for three weeks, the once-vibrant teenager endured a traumatic summer lost in a haze of medication and depression. But despite multiple debilitating setbacks, she battled toward stability with the help of Christ and a revitalized outlook to help others faced with similar grim prognoses. In this powerful memoir of courage and resilience, Kimberly Muka Powers unflinchingly recounts her years fighting Bipolar Type-1 with psychotic features and using that hard-earned knowledge now as a Licensed Professional Counselor to educate, provide support, and inspire others to find freedom from the shame and stigma of mental illness by effectively learning to manage their symptoms. Raw with emotion and empathy, you’ll walk in the shoes of someone once ostracized and burdened by shame, who fought a devastating mental illness and both social and church stigma and triumphed through the Grace of God. A Mind Restored is a heart-wrenching memoir. If you like overcoming adversity, finding self-acceptance, and reconnecting with the Lord, then you’ll love Kimberly Muka Powers’s inspiring chronicle.

About the Author: Kimberly Powers
Kim Powers was featured in Voyage Magazine in their “Hidden Gem series: Local Businesses and Creatives You Should Know.” She owns a private counseling practice in Kalamazoo, Michigan- Heart Soul Mind Strength LLC. Her debut book is a #1 New Release on coping with bipolar disorder.

Recorded 01/17/2024

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