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John Gerts: Too Dark City

John Gerts–Too Dark City

Kalamazoo Public Library presents Writers Block, a forum where independently published local writers can tell the world about their work. This edition features John Gerts, author of Too Dark City.

About the Book:
As a detective with the Kalamazoo Police, Moses Webb is shot in the left arm and shoulder during a drugstore robbery, forcing him to resign from the force. Now divorced, Moses works as a second-shift auto mechanic. He is asked, as a favor, to investigate a teenage basketball phenom. The police and prosecuting attorney have written the boy off as a Northside Neighborhood delinquent. Moses and his friend from across the tracks, Harry Martensen, an Air Force reservist radioman and amateur photographer, work together through a list of suspects connected to the Shakespeare riot, the Red Scare, drug gangs, and red-line establishment politicians.

About the Author: John Gerts
I began writing in John Bennet’s creative writing class as a senior at Kalamazoo Central. I wrote short stories at Michigan State University as a student majoring in English. While working as a network administrator at West Shore Community College several of my poems were published in Dark Matter the school literary magazine. I have written three ten-minute plays: The Room, Perry Mason – The case of the Bewildered Blond, and BLINDSIDE. My play, The Room, was produced at Ludington Area Center for the Arts.

Recorded 01/12/2024

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