Friends Board of Directors

The Friends of Kalamazoo Public Library is a Michigan nonprofit corporation governed by an elected board with one full-time employee and more than 300 dues-paying members. We are one of more than 2,000 Friends of the Library groups nationwide.

The Friends board of directors consists of not less than twelve nor more than fifteen members. Board members are elected to three year terms by membership vote at the annual meeting in May. Newly elected board members take office immediately.

There are also two non-voting members; the Kalamazoo Public Library Director and the Friends Coordinator.


Friends of Kalamazoo Public Library officers are chosen from the elected board members at the June meeting, and serve one year terms. Officers may serve additional terms with board approval.

Governing Documents

The Friends decisions and actions are guided by its Constitution, Bylaws and Mission Statement. The Board needs a quorum of its elected members to conduct business.


Friends members and the general public may attend board meetings in open session. Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month (except July, August and December) in the Central Library Board Room, 315 S. Rose Street. Meetings begin at 5:30 pm.

Time is set aside early at each meeting for public comments about the mission, policies or practices of the Friends. Each speaker is limited to five minutes.

2018–2019  Officers

Judy Bosshart President
Kiersten Jouppi Vice President
Pat Betwee Secretary
Richard Joyce Treasurer

Board Members

Bernie Baisch Member
Jean Brodie Member
Kathy Hathaway Member
Thom Jones Member
Chris Kabell Member
Linda Kanamueller Member
Karen Maas Member
Charles Ofstein Member
Thomas Pagel Member
Sherry Ransford-Ramsdell Member
Janice Snell Member


Ryan Wieber Member
Carol Manstrom Member
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