Nonprofit Employment Opportunities


The Nonprofit Employment Opportunities page offers Kalamazoo County nonprofit organizations the opportunity to post their employment opportunities in one place. 

To submit your employment opportunity, email the job description in a Microsoft Word or PDF file to It MUST include application instructions and whether or not there is a deadline to receive them. This page receives over 4,000 unique visitors each month.


You may contact the WMU Nonprofit Leadership program for assistance in recruiting interns.






Communities In Schools PT Volunteer Services Coordinator 06/23/16
Kalamazoo Community Foundation Donor Relations Officer 06/23/16
Kalamazoo Community Foundation Development Officer 06/23/16
KRESA School Social Worker 06/21/16
Goodwill Program Assistant 06/21/16
Goodwill Building Services Leader 06/20/16
MSU Extension Extension Education 06/15/16
Kalamazoo Institute of Arts PT Security Guard 06/15/16
KRESA PT Spanish Interpreter 06/15/16
KRESA Executive Assistant 06/13/16
Family & Children Services Outpatient Therapist 06/13/16
MRC PT Job Coach 06/10/16
Advocacy Services for Kids PT Youth Engagement Specialist 06/10/16
Habitat for Humanity Habitat ReStore Manager 06/09/16
Habitat for Humanity PT Donation Driver/Warehouse Worker 06/09/16
Gryphon Place PT Youth Conflict Resolution Specialist 06/09/16
Gryphon Place PT Crisis Workers 06/09/16
Gryphon Place PT Gatekeeper 06/09/16
Gryphon Place PT Community Resource Advisor 06/09/16
Congregation of St. Joseph Hospitality & Program Assistant 06/07/16
MRC Art Instructor 06/03/16
Catholic Charities Positive Youth Development Worker 06/03/16
Learning Village - Fairfax PT Preschool Teacher 06/01/16
CentraCare PT Spiritual Care 06/01/16
KRESA PT Instructional Technologist 06/01/16
CentraCare Social Worker 05/31/16
Goodwill Team Leader (W Main) 05/26/16
Goodwill Wares Grader/Pricer (W Main) 05/26/16
Kalamazoo Nature Center Preschool Lead Teacher 05/26/16
KCMHSAS Program Manager 05/24/16
KCMHSAS PT Recipient Rights Officer 05/24/16
Unity of Kalamazoo Music Director and Pianist 05/18/16
Learning Village Fairfax Infant Teacher 05/18/16
Goodwill Online Support Associate Treasuer Chest 05/17/16
KRESA Paraprofessional Special Education Assistant   05/16/16
KRESA Special Education Teacher MOCI 2 Positions 05/13/16
KRESA Special Educaiton Teacher Consultant 05/13/16
Ministry with Community PT Kitchen Assistant 05/11/16
KRESA Executive Administrative Assistant 04/29/16
Comstock Community Center PT Education Aides 04/26/16