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ONEplace@kpl is a management support organization offering resources and services to nonprofit staff, board, and volunteers in Kalamazoo County.

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Navigating change

The recent federal budget proposal forms the tip of an iceberg in a sea of change that has many nonprofit leaders wondering about their organization’s future. Uncertainty fills the air. With few consistent markers,...

How do you get unstuck?

I absolutely love my job. It draws upon everything I’ve ever done and learned throughout my career and focuses it into a service-based environment. I also get to work with many great people. Yet, at times, I am stuck or befuddled by a particularly unique or challenging situation. When that happens, I’ve learned a specific practice that often illuminates the path forward....

Toward successful succession

Succession is on my mind. I just keep bumping into the topic: articles, social media, and general conversations. And, interesting to note, when people talk of succession, they’re scared!...

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