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Bookstore News September 26 - 29

I’d like to briefly fill you in on our Bag-of-Books Sale that took place last Saturday. It was a huge success! I measure success for our sales in three ways. Of course, making money to help support our worthy library is important, and moving books out to make room for new donations is also crucial, but finally and really every bit as important is sense of accomplishment we all feel from taking part in a hectic but truly happy day as hundreds of people shopping through thousands of books fill their bags with treasures at rock-bottom prices! If you missed this sale don’t despair, just mark your calendar now for January 19, that’s the date of our next Bag-of-Books Sale.

The spotlights in the store this week include:

Halloween Books – It’s the time of year again for reading stories about witches, ghosts, goblins, and vampires. We’ve got a great selection here for kids and adults.

Michigan Books - We have a very nice collection of books that are about Michigan or by Michigan authors.

Science and Nature – We have books on biology, zoology, cosmology, and more.

And...we have a beautiful 22 volume Time-Life set – The Old West. The Old West is a series of books about the founding of the American Old West. This set looks brand new.

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