Bookstore News August 29 - September 1

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Items of special interest in the store this week include:

·         A complete 12 volume Interpreters Bible ($75.00) - The Interpreter’s Bible is a valued resource and study tool. The Bible text, the King James Version and the Revised Standard Version, is displayed in side by side columns for easy comparison. Below the text are an exegesis for clarification and an exposition for interpretation.

·         The 4 volume Interpreter’s Bible Dictionary ($20.00)

·         Kalamazoo Lost and Found by Lynn Houghton and Pamela Hall O’Connor ($25.00) This treasure is out of print and this copy is like new.

·         Using Native Plants to Restore Community by Nancy Cutbirth Small and Tom Small ($15.00) This wonderful resource is out of print and contains great information about local plants, plant communities, and natural landscaping.

·         A great collection of poetry

·         Continuing spotlights with new additions this week are: History, Military History, and Science and Nature.

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