Bookstore News for February 8 - 11

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February is the month we recognize and honor Black History, and celebrate Valentine’s Day as well as President’s Day. We have pulled together a selection of books for each of these special occasions.

  • We have an interesting selection of books that commemorate Black History and celebrate the achievements of African Americans.
  • Our Valentine’s Day books are mostly for children – Do you know someone that would like “Froggy’s First Kiss” or “SpongeBob’s Secret Valentine”?
  • Biographies are being featured this week – check these out for some great biographies of U.S. Presidents.

We are having two Buy One Get One sales this week. The BOGO sale for select hard cover fiction continues and we have a new BOGO sale this week on select children’s picture books. There are some wonderful children’s picture books for $1.00 and your second selection is free.

Finally, we received several fascinating looking books about mathematics this week. If you love math / numbers you might be interested in:

  • Mathematics: From the Birth of Numbers by Jan Gullberg
  • The Universal History of Numbers by Georges Ifrah
  • The Visual Display of Quantitative information by Edward Tufte
  • Nature’s Numbers the Unreal Reality of Mathematics by Ian Stewart

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