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This week we are celebrating our library’s 140th birthday. For 140 years the Kalamazoo Public Library has been a priceless resource to this community providing books and valuable services to our residents. Working in the library I have found that people love to share stories of what the library means and has meant to them. I have heard countless stories of happy hours spent in the library while growing up and the long lasting positive effects that practice had.  I think it goes without saying that our community is a better place to live thanks to our library. So I hope you’ll join me in saying Happy Birthday KPL!

To honor our library, we would like to celebrate with you by offering all our large size paperback fiction that normally sells for $2.00, for only $1.40 this week. We have a great selection of this quality fiction. Come stock up while it’s on sale.

Spotlights this week include: Art, Halloween, and Hobbies and How To (we have a great selection of craft books)

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