Vicksburg Cemetery /Vicksburg, Old Section (Schoolcraft Township)

Location: Both sides of East W Avenue (West Hwy Street), 1/10th mile west of Lee Avenue.
Status: Active
Photo: Beth Timmerman, 2010



Original Records

  • Schoolcraft Township
  • 50 East VW Avenue
  • Vicksburg, Michigan 49097
  • 269-649-1276


Cemetery records of Kalamazoo County, Michigan

  • Monteith, Ruth Robbins
  • Genealogical Association of Southwestern Michigan
  • Includes only death notices for 1882-1884 and an early list of soldiers buried in Vicksburg Cemetery
  • 1959
  • H 977.417 M77

Tombstone Inscriptions in Kalamazoo County, Michigan: A Bicentennial Project

  • Kalamazoo Valley Genealogical Society
  • 1980
  • H 977.417 K145

Local History Room Files

History room vital records card file: available online at Kalamazoo Genealogy

  • Records for years 1872-‘77, 1888-1910


The Tombstone Transcription Project, Kalamazoo County- Michigan USGenWeb

  • Partial list with photos

Kalamazoo Genealogy

  • Search entire cemetery database by individual names
  • Transcription and photos, 2008

Find A Grave

  • Almost 4000 records, some with photos and additional information.

Last updated 14 August 2012.

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