Central Library’s back parking lot will be closed Tuesday, August 20th for repairs. We expect this to be a short delay and will notify the public once the work is completed.

Weekly Features, August 14 - 17

This week the Friends are featuring books on psychology, history, and sociology, including twenty books by and about Leon Trotsky some of which are out of print.  We will also feature books on painters, photography, collections of art, art commentary and methods, architecture, and large format books on a variety of subjects.

In our “collections” area we have two library copies of the “World Book Encyclopedia” (2017, 22 volumes) in beautiful condition at a fraction of the retail cost. Fiction and poetry books will be offered for fifty cents each on the patio. We have lowered our every-day prices for DVDs to $1.00, and CDs and audiobooks on CD to 50¢.

Keep an eye on this site for our Weekly Features, coming out every Tuesday. We look forward to seeing you in our store!

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