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Read-Along! is an online program for kids and caregivers where a KPL Librarian reads popular chapter books out loud for kids to follow along. Join KPL Lead Teen Librarian Miss Natalie as she reads aloud exciting and popular books for children and teens. Chapters from the selected book will be released on KPL TV Monday through Friday at 4 pm until the book is finished. Excludes weekends and holidays.

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Percy Jackson

Artemis Fowl

The Heroes of Olympus

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Over two hundred videos. More than 60,000 views from a dozen countries all over the world. Read-Along! is one of KPL’s most popular online programs for a reason! Read reviews from some of our avid followers:

Hi Natalie I am Ayan pronounced (Uh-yhan), and I absolutely love the read alongs that you make. I am from California and am a Percy Jackson fanatic, I listen to your read alongs when I am getting ready for bed, eating a snack, and pretty much whenever I have time. I hope you are doing good and I hope Sixx is doing good as well. Thanks for helping me continue reading throughout the lockdown! 

Hi Miss Natalie I’m Delisa and I’m from Jamaica….I found your series by accident…..I have always loved listening to audiobooks and your series captured me… the way, I’m an adult and I have no children but I do enjoy these books ( I kid you not) but continue to read I love the series and I have read all of them except blood of Olympus .

Hi Miss Natalie I’m Moses and I’ve been joining you along your journeys of reading the Percy Jackson book and I’m gonna audition for the upcoming coming Percy Jackson project that’s in development and I was wondering if you had an idea of which Percy monologue I should use for my audition.

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