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Kronos Quartet (David Harrington, John Sherba, violins ; Hank Dutt, viola ; Joan Jeanrenaud, cello).

Publication Information

New York, NY : Nonesuch Records, a Warner Music Group company, p1999.


Compact disc.

Program notes on container insert.


  • Dracula
  • Journey to the inn
  • The inn
  • The crypt
  • Carriage without a driver
  • The castle
  • The drawing room
  • "Excellent, Mr. Renfield"
  • The three consorts of Dracula
  • The storm
  • Horrible tragedy
  • London fog
  • In the theatre
  • Lucy's bitten
  • Seward Sanatorium
  • Renfield
  • In his cell
  • When the dream comes
  • Dracula enters
  • Or a wolf
  • Women in white
  • Renfield in the drawing room
  • Dr. van Helsing and Dracula
  • Mina on the terrace
  • Mina's bedroom/The abbey
  • The end of Dracula.

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Kronos Quartet.

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