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Twice cursed

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First edition.

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London : Titan Books, 2023.

Physical Description

349 pages ; 20 cm


'BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR. Take a trip to a terrifying carnival and uncover the secrets within, solve a mysterious puzzle box and await your reward, join a travelling circus and witness the strangest ventriloquist act you've ever seen. In this follow-up to the bestselling Cursed: An Anthology, you'll unearth curses old and new. From a very different take on Snow White, to a new interpretation of The Red Shoes, the best in fantasy spin straw into gold, and invite you into the labyrinth. Just don't forget to leave your trail of breadcrumbs..."--


  • Bell / Snow, glass, apples / Tissot Family Circus / Mr. Thirteen / Confessor's tale / Old stories hide secrets deep inside them / Awake / Pretty maids all in a row / Viral voyage of Bird Man / Angels of London / Curse is a curse / Dark carousel / Shoes as red as blood / Just your standard haunted doll drama / St Diabolo's Travelling Music Hall / Music box

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