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The cannonball tree mystery


Ovidia Yu

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London : Constable, 2021.

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313 pages ; 20 cm


"The overpoweringly fragrant flowers, snakelike vines and deadly fruit of the Cannonball Tree are enough to keep most people away, even without the reputation of the Serpent Shrine that stands beneath it. But when a piece of expensive photographic equipment is found nearby, on closer inspection Su Lin discovers the body of Mimi, the relation who has been trying to blackmail her. Su Lin is not the only one to realise how much easier this death--and that of the next victim found--make things for her in the new normal of life in Syonan (Japanese Occupied Singapore). But is someone really killing people on her account? Ima Fujiwara, daughter of the island's leader Col Fujiwara, suggests Su Lin's visit to the shrine summoned a Yokai demon who is now killing on her behalf. As Su Lin contends with the fear and rancour of those around her, the resentment of former friends and a whistling demon, can she hope not only to survive but untangle the cannonball tree's secrets to prevent further deaths... and possibly turn the tide of the war?"--Provided by publisher.

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